Learn from key opinion leaders in these 60-minute
presentations on practice management and clinical topics.

Modern Medicine

Business & Technology


Women's Health

Practice Management

• New opportunities and challenges of drug alerting
• A strategic approach to effectively implement drug alerting
• 3 distinct ways to optimize drug alerting

Ken Stewart, Clinical Executive

David Kaelber, MD, PhD, MPH, FAAP, FACP




• Improving communication, collaboration & care coordination while protecting PHI
• How real-time communications enhance productivity and patient care
• Use cases illustrating workflow improvement in the clinical environment

Chris Sonnenschein, PMP

William Morris, M.D.

Brian Yeaman, M.D.


• ICD-10 coding requirements
• Reporting healthcare diagnoses and procedures with ICD-10 codes
• The radical effects ICD implementation will have on your practice

Dan D'Orazio

Rhonda Buckholtz

Rosemarie Nelson, MS


Core objectives & clinical quality measures necessary for Stage 2  
• Exchanging health information with other providers  
• Interacting with patients using a HIPAA-secured patient portal
• How to align with criteria for Meaningful Use Stage 3  

Jeffrey Belden, M.D.

Robert Rowley, M.D.

Rosemarie Nelson, MS


• How to capture revenue at the point of care   
• Streamlining billing at the front-end and back-end of your practice 
• Ways to shrink collections and improve denial rates

Dale Glenn, M.D.

John Sawyer, M.D., MPH

Rosemarie Nelson, MS



• Incorporate femtosecond laser into your practice
• Maximize benefits for both your practice and your patients
• Key features that impact patient outcomes and overall safety




Women's Health

• Initial steps to take in cases of suspected PROM
• Current clinical evidence supporting the use of a biomarker test in cases of equivocal PROM
• Reducing the legal risk associated with misdiagnosed PROM
• The latest data on the treatment of late preterm women with a PROM diagnosis

John Allbert,