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Toddler Fever / Pain Management

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Rare neuropathy explains widespread body pain

NEW Rare neuropathy explains widespread body pain


A newly identified neuropathic disease appears to cause disabling, widespread body pain in children, according to research from Massachusetts General Hospital.



Infantile colic may be caused by migraines

NEW Infantile colic may be caused by migraines


Infants with colic who cry inconsolably in the first months of life may be suffering from pain associated with migraine headaches, suggests new research that investigated a link between migraines in older children and colic in infancy.



AAD launches psoriasis guideline app

Breast milk or sugar water to relieve pain in preterm infants?


Sweet-tasting solutions are commonly used to alleviate pain in infants. Expressed breast milk may be an alternative to sweet solutions, but evidence of its analgesic efficacy is limited.



Low rate of adverse events with adalimumab in long-term

Avoid acetaminophen use in children with asthma
in long-term


The director of the Respiratory Center at Akron Children's Hospital advocates that physicians "give particular weight to avoiding harm" and advise any child with asthma or a family history of asthma to avoid using acetaminophen.



Methotrexate insufficient for psoriatic arthritis

Managing pediatric pain in minor injuries


A multidisciplinary approach to understanding how children perceive pain and treating it quickly and effectively is the best way to manage the pediatric patient.



New drug promising for psoriatic arthritis

Cause of fever in febrile seizures needs to be identified


Clinicians evaluating infants or young children following a simple febrile seizure should focus on identifying the cause of the fever.


Derms may be first to spot cardiovascular risk in psoriasis patients

Chest pain in child with persistent fever


The duration of the child's fever, although perhaps consistent with self-limited viral infection, should lead one to consider other infectious etiologies.





Challenges in the Assessment and Management of Chronic Pain

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Virtual Pain Management Congress 2012

Expiration: February 1, 2013
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Neonatal facial coding system for pain evaluation in newborn infants


This pain scale can be used to monitor the effectiveness of interventions for reducing pain and discomfort.


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Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario pain scale in young children


This assessment tool, developed at British Columbia Children's Hospital, scores infants' facial expressions to help clinicians monitor pain.


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