Walgreens Launches Site for its Outcomes Research Studies
Walgreens Launches Site for its Outcomes Research StudiesNew Walgreens website will showcase the chain’s research on adherence and other topics.
Groups praise lawsuit against Walgreens, CVSPharmacy and medical organizations lauded a new class action lawsuit against CVS Health and Walgreens, alleging the two pharmacy chains colluded with pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) to drive up the cost of generic drugs.
Retailers and PBMs Laud Generic/Biosimilar Savings
Retailers and PBMs Laud Generic/Biosimilar SavingsSavings from generic and biosimilar drugs are making PBMs and pharmacies, as well as patients, happy.
Merger Failure: New Industry Direction?
Merger Failure: New Industry Direction?The failed Rite Aid/Walgreens merger might mean the end of business as usual.
Customers Sue CVS and Walgreens, Claiming PBM CollusionClass action lawsuits claim that chains colluded with PBMs to overbill customers.
Why Generic Drug Prices Are Dropping
Why Generic Drug Prices Are DroppingPharmacy chains are forcing lower generic prices for their customers.
Walgreens Finds New Manufacturer
Walgreens Finds New ManufacturerThe chain signs a deal with Fareva to take over its contract manufacturing business.
Big-Box Pharmacy on the Rise
Big-Box Pharmacy on the RiseBig-box merchandisers, including supermarkets, employ thousands of pharmacists and offer higher-than-average salaries.
Walgreens/Rite Aid Merger Scrapped
Walgreens/Rite Aid Merger ScrappedAfter anti-trust woes, the acquisition is thrown out and Walgreens buys over 2,000 stores.
Lab Testing Coming to WalgreensA collaboration between the pharmacy and LabCorp will provide specimen collection services.