3 steps to script for second-pair sales
Bionic lens can restore high-quality visionAn optometrist in British Columbia has developed an IOL that his company’s website says “is capable of restoring quality vision at all distances, without glasses, contact lenses or corneal refractive procedures, and without the vision problems that have plagued current accommodative and multifocal [IOL] designs.”
Vision therapy: A top 10 must-have listMy name is Marc, and I am a vision therapy graduate. I was your typical kid, except that I could not pay attention in school and hated to read. Luckily, my second grade teacher requested that I get an eye examination, and the optometrist recognized that I needed more than glasses. I was referred to an optometrist that specialized in learning-related vision problems, including visual efficiency and processing disorders. I immediately started a vision therapy program and saw tremendous improvement in my symptoms and success in school.
Exploring new options in ophthalmic lensesPhiladelphia—With new products coming onto the market all the time, Joy Gibb, ABOC, highlighted some of the latest options in ophthalmic lenses at the American Optometric Association’s Optometry’s Meeting.
The private-label lens phenomenonSeveral members of the lens industry came together Friday during a forum at Vision Expo East to discuss the rising trend of private-label progressive lenses.
Essilor buys majority stake in Transitions OpticalEssilor International has acquired PPG Industries’ 51% stake in Transitions Optical.