Uday Devgan

How will ophthalmologists watch the eclipse?
How will ophthalmologists watch the eclipse?Ophthalmologists all know how to safely watch an eclipse, but how will ophthalmologists around the country be participating in and observing the event?
Remembering ophthalmic pioneer Dr. Robert SinskeyGifted surgeon, innovator, teacher, humanitarian, and life changer. These are the words used to described Robert Sinskey, MD, by some of his closest ophthalmic colleagues.
Should doctors ‘Google’ their patients?
Should doctors ‘Google’ their patients?With the vast of information available online these days, it is only natural to want to search via ‘Google’ a past or current love, or even a potential employer to find out more about them. Patients also tend to search the Internet for physician recommendations—or negative comments—before choosing the right doctor for their ailment. But do physicians do the same for their patients? More importantly, is that even an acceptable practice?
In control: Unfolding a monofocal lensA single-piece hydrophobic acrylic IOL has many features that make it a good choice for a monofocal implant in routine and challenging cataract surgery cases.