Opportunities and challenges in the world of ophthalmology in 2018As another year comes to an end, five members of Ophthalmology Times Europe’s Editorial Advisory Board reflect and share their perspectives on the exciting opportunities that lie ahead for ophthalmologists in 2018, whilst also considering the potential challenges.
Thinking outside the cone: Over, above standard approachAll of these cases scenarios, which are an everyday occurrence in my practice, demonstrate my desire to take every patient to emmetropia despite the “so-called” complexity of the cases.
Toward emmetropia: More advances, more improvementsAdvances in treatments for keratoconus and presbyopia in 2016 continued to move patients toward emmetropia.
Staged cataract surgery: Art of optimization to individual outcomesIn this second part of a four-part column, Arun C. Gulani, MD, places the spotlight on staged cataract surgery. The first part of the series discussed the concept and approach to designing primary cataract surgery.
Laser vision correction effective for residual refractive error after RLEResearchers explore the efficacy and reliability of laser vision correction for the treatment of residual refractive error after refractive lens exchange.
Not a candidate for refractive surgery? Not anymore!Ophthalmology Times introduces this new series called “Gloves Off with Gulani” that is part of the full-spectrum concept of a “super-specialty,” in which Arun C. Gulani, MD, will present prototype case studies and accept input to show how every case—no matter how difficult—deserves a mindset of emmetropia. Look for the first “gloves-off” encounter—“Multifocal IOL nightmare: Reversed to 20/20”—in the Oct. 1 issue of Ophthalmology Times.