Fighting Opioid Misuse: The Numbers
Fighting Opioid Misuse: The NumbersSo just how much naloxone is getting out? How many pharmacies EPCS enabled?
Surescripts Expands Medication History ServiceMore information could help save lives.
Navigating MIPS: Why MIPS matters and how to reportMIPS involves over 378 measures and activities- but this infographic breaks it down.
All Healthcare is not Local: The Human Cost of Disparate Health DataCan you access patient data from outside systems within your existing EHR workflow? Now you can. Read how a truly national record locator service improves patient care coordination and positively impacts care quality.
Surescripts Takes Aim at Improving e-Prescribing AccuracyNew monitoring system identifies problems with e-prescription systems.
All Healthcare is not Local: The Human Cost of Disparate Health DataTo address rising healthcare costs, clinicians have experienced countless shifting demands and requirements over the past decade. While there’s no single solution to address all of the issues that contribute to rising costs, improving care coordination across the healthcare continuum has the potential to dramatically improve patient care, reduce duplicative tests and procedures, and positively impact care quality – saving an estimated $148 billion to $226 billion annually.
Top states for e-prescribing controlled substancesPrescription drug abuse remains a huge problem. One way healthcare workers and law enforcement hope to reduce the problem is by using electronic prescriptions for controlled substances, which helps physicians, pharmacists, and law enforcement officials to track dispensing.
Electronic prior authorization eases burdenUsing an electronic prior authorization program can save money and time for patients, providers and pharmacists.
E-Book Download | EHRs Improving efficiency maximizing potentialAs the evolution of health information technology forges for- ward, electronic health record (EHR) systems will continue to transform the practice of medicine.
Integrated Care Models and PharmacyIn order for Integrated Care Models to work, pharmacies must be in the middle of the information equation. David Yakimischak, Ex. VP., Gen Mgr., Surescripts, explains how pharmacies should position themselves to take advantage of this trend.