Ocular surface tumors require careful exam, consideration of best options
Ocular surface tumors require careful exam, consideration of best optionsAlthough surgery is still the gold standard for ocular surface tumors, consider the pros and cons of topical chemotherapy as appropriate.
Vitrectomy beats scleral buckling in rhegmatogenous retinal detachment studyEyes operated on with pars plana vitrectomy needed fewer reoperations over 180 days than eyes subjected to scleral buckling (SB) in a retrospective comparison of patients with rhegmatogenous retinal detachment (RRD).
Focal cryo vs. focal HIFU: Similar oncologic outcomesOncologic outcomes are similar using focal cryotherapy and focal high-intensity focused ultrasound for treatment of localized prostate cancer, French urologists reported at the World Congress of Endourology and SWL in London.
Study: Argon-based intralesional cryotherapy for keloid scarsCould an Argon gas-based cryotherapy system improve keloid scar treatment results? A team of researchers in The Netherlands recently published their study results.
PDT superior to cryotherapy for clearing actinic keratosesPhotodynamic therapy (PDT) provided a better chance of complete lesion clearance in the treatment of actinic keratoses (AKs) when compared to treatment with cyrotherapy, according to results of a recent study.
Cryotherapy outperforms CO2 lasers in treating AKs
Cryotherapy outperforms CO2 lasers in treating AKsCryotherapy may be more effective than CO2 laser ablation in treatment of actinic keratosis (AKs) on the face and scalp, according to a recent study.
Does HIFU have a future in the U.S. for treating prostate Ca?Urologists across the country offer their opinions on high-intensity focused ultrasound.
Ablation techniques produce unique tissue effectsOptimizing outcomes using focal tumor ablation techniques depends on acquiring a better understanding of the tissue effects of these technologies, according to a recent study.
Foot rings in a 10-year-old girlYou are asked to evaluate a 10-year-old girl for peculiar annular eruptions on her hands and feet following treatment for warts 6 weeks ago. What could be causing these eruptions?