emergency preparedness

Can you prepare your practice for a natural disaster?
Can you prepare your practice for a natural disaster?Patricia Farris, M.D., shares her experience rebuilding her business after a hurricane. Here’s what she learned.
Are NPs code-blue ready?Traditionally, first positions for graduating registered nurses (RNs) are hospital based, where many have expertise and experience in emergency management. However, when RNs attend graduate school to become primary care nurse practitioners, planning for managing emergencies in an outpatient medical office may or may not have been a part of graduate education.
Be ready for an in-office 911Focusing on emergencies became our platform to address the far more important goals of situational awareness, team integration, and effective communication. As we build increasingly matrixed systems of care that surround our littlest of patients, having addressed these goals inspires us with confidence that we can do so with the child’s safety at top of mind.
Office preparedness for childhood emergencies
Office preparedness for childhood emergenciesStudies highlight a need for pediatrician offices to be ready to handle emergencies, available data also demonstrate that many practices, including those that have already needed to treat a critically ill child, are not adequately prepared because they lack the relevant protocols, training, and tools.
Recovering from a fire in the optometry practiceDisaster struck on a recent Sunday evening. A tree branch fell on some power lines just above the practice, and the live wires fell onto the building, starting the blaze. I arrived on scene as the firefighters were putting out the blaze.
Ebola preparedness for ob/gyns
Ebola preparedness for ob/gynsYou have heard the details about the current Ebola virus disease (EVD) outbreak in West Africa; an outbreak that probably began in early 2014 in Guinea and then spread to Liberia and Sierra Leone. Ebola preparedness is on the minds of all ob/gyns and it is the health issue of the moment as we care for our patients. What do we need to know to be safe and how should we inform our co-workers who are genuinely very concerned?
IOM forum promotes disaster preparedness specifically for children and their familiesWith so many disasters in the last few months, from tornadoes to the Boston terrorist attack, it’s time to seize the moment to advocate for preparedness for children and families, argued a number of speakers at a June Institute of Medicine (IOM) workshop on the issue.