Were these infant’s delays secondary to fetal distress and hypoxia?A patient sues alleging that her child was in distress, became hypoxic and that a cesarean should have been performed much earlier.
Addressing scleral lens clinical concernsWhile scleral lenses offer more stability than traditional lenses, there are still many controversies about their use that may give practitioners pause
Respiratory virus Enterovirus D68 hits hardest in kids with asthmaAbout 1,000 cases of the respiratory illness caused by Enterovirus D68 have been confirmed in 10 states in the United States so far. Many of these children are being hospitalized for it.
Car seat insert reduces hypoxia in term infantsA simple car seat insert that maintains a baby’s head in a neutral position without its chin touching its chest reduces the severity of hypoxic events while the infant is in the car seat, but does not reduce the overall number of hypoxic events, a new study finds.