risk management

Opioid crisis legal ramifications: How to protect your healthcare organizationOverprescribing by just one practitioner can lead to an untoward outcome that may readily affect the entire healthcare facility.
Risk-contract engagement strategies should differ for independent, employed docsIf your organization is managing a risk-based contract, you are likely working hard to engage physicians. But are you modifying those efforts based on whether physicians are independent or employed? Here’s why you should.
Strategies to minimize liability risk in pediatric practiceGiven the crucial role pediatricians play in the health of children and in the US healthcare system in general, it is vitally important that pediatric practices understand what the actual legal obligations and risks are for providing pediatric services.
Seven risk-sharing mistakes to avoid in healthcare
Seven risk-sharing mistakes to avoid in healthcareConsidering entering into a risk-sharing agreement with another payer or provider? Avoid these top mistakes.
How to protect your organization against a HIPAA breachClearly, healthcare organizations need to be prepared for a cyber breach. The question, then, is: What steps should we take now to prepare?
Why empathy may be the best risk management strategyThirty-six states have “apology laws” that prohibit certain statements or expressions of sympathy by a physician from being admissible in a lawsuit. Experts in the field say that while the laws may help some physicians feel more comfortable about expressing empathy, they aren’t really necessary to avoid lawsuits. Instead, good patient-physician relationships and open disclosure are the keys to responding successfully to a bad outcome.
The future of malpractice reformIs tort reform capable of achieving gains for physicians when it comes to medical liability? The jury is out.
Many hospitals, clinics, not prepared for IT risksMany healthcare organizations have little awareness of the risks associated with health IT.
My laptop was stolen. Can I be successfully sued?A dermatologist had his laptop stolen from his car. The computer contained 8,000 patient records, but all were encrypted. The doctor sought legal advice, reached out to all patients notifying them of the potential breach of PHI, and hired a service to help protect his patients. Can his patients sue him?
Losing a malpractice case may depend on where you liveA patient recovering from surgery was warned about the possibility of infection, and she develops an infection that leads to sepsis. Should the physician have explained to her that infection could lead to sepsis and possibly death, and can the physician be sued?