Pharma makers pull MS drug from worldwide marketIn a rare move, pharmaceutical manufacturers voluntarily recalled their drug to treat multiple sclerosis after reports of serious brain inflammation in patients.
Anti-NMDA-receptor encephalitis: A review
Anti-NMDA-receptor encephalitis: A reviewIn 2005, a bizarre syndrome consisting of severe neuropsychiatric symptoms, seizures, loss of consciousness, and central hypoventilation was reported in 4 young women with ovarian teratoma (OT).
COG Puzzler: What's Gyn got to do with it?A 14-year-old with altered mental status has a seizure in the ER. Find out why a gynecology consult was called for.
Vaccine wars
Vaccine warsThe ongoing US measles outbreak underscores the importance of childhood vaccines—opponents of vaccination notwithstanding, say experts.
Persistent tremors and agitation in a 6-year-old girlA 6-year-old, previously healthy girl presents from an outside hospital for poor oral intake and new onset tremors. The family is coming to you now because the child has developed new troublesome symptoms.
Neurologic complications of influenza in children
Neurologic complications of influenza in childrenInfluenza-associated neurologic complications in children are rare but can be severe. Familiarity with the clinical presentation and frequency of specific neurologic findings can help pediatricians with early diagnosis and treatment.