Senior citizens

Consider nursing home optometry as practice optionOptometric practice in the nursing home setting is not always very glamorous; however, there are many reasons optometrists might want to consider adding this specialty to their practice arsenal due to tremendous need.
Seniors with multiple chronic conditions: 4 tipsThe inability to coordinate care for these seniors leads to more health problems, and higher costs.
MA market's downside could be a deal-breakerThe confluence of two factors is making it increasingly seductive for stakeholders to consider entering the MA market, but all is not idyllic.
Study: Physicians may be over-treating seniors for diabetes
Study: Physicians may be over-treating seniors for diabetesA new study published recently in the Journal of the American Medical Association Internal Medicine, found that physicians may be over-treating some older adult diabetic patients resulting in greater health threats from the diabetes medications prescribed to them.
6 tips to help seniors with low vision maintain independenceShare these tips with your elderly patients with low vision to help them maintain their independence as they age.
Seniors want more mobile healthcare optionsMore tech-savvy seniors want access to healthcare via smartphones, tablets and other web devices.
Seniors have become a privileged class of patientsLetter to the editor