Plastic surgery predictions
Plastic surgery predictionsWhat will shape cosmetic medicine in 2018? We asked industry leaders to weigh in with what they think will drive aesthetic medicine’s evolution this year.
Medical marijuana update: Top 3 things health execs should knowHere’s what you need to know about medical marijuana laws, and what they mean for the healthcare system.
Investigational drug appears beneficial in preventing migrainesLilly's galcanezumab proves successful in three phase 3 migraine studies. Here are the findings.
‘Game changing’ migraine drugs on the horizonThere’s no silver bullet for migraine treatments, but treatments are getting more precise as we learn more about the cause of migraines.
FDA drug approvals-May 2015FDA actions in brief, complete response, breakthrough therapy designation, fast-track designations, orphan drug designations
Study assesses best treatments to use when a migraine attack occursIt is important to ensure established migraine medications are available for the patients who need them, according to a new study published in the January issue of Headache.
Relieve migraines with tinted contact lensesOptometric practices offer tinted and colored contact lenses to aid in cosmetic enhancement; however, many eyecare practices are unaware of the therapeutic effects that tinting a lens (contact or spectacle) can offer.
FDA drug approvals-January 2015FDA actions in brief, recommendations for approval, fast-track designations.
FDA Drug Approvals: April 2014FDA actions in brief, fast-track designation, orphan drug designation, first-time generic approvals
February FDA drug approvalsFDA actions in brief, complete response, breakthrough therapy designation, fast-track designation