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Pharmacists Pushing for DIR Relief
Pharmacists Pushing for DIR ReliefCommunity pharmacists fight against financial pressure for their survival.
7 financial challenges facing physicians in 2016It shouldn’t be surprising that more and more practices are struggling to maintain financial stability. To stay above the pack, here are seven financial challenges physicians will face in the coming new year and advice on how to avoid their pitfalls.
To sell or not to sell ... that is the questionDermatology practices are attracting private equity buyers who have the potential to swoop in and make problems like heavy debt vanish. But there are important considerations to take into account before signing away full ownership.
Funding medical technology in the era of the ACARegardless of the specialty, one commonality that has resulted from the multitudinous technologic advances and the improved quality and quantity of life is that they have all come at a significant cost.
The Rich Doctor MythThis chart takes a look at why some doctors don't make as much money as the public thinks they do.
Managing DME for the long haulVision loss caused by diabetic macular edema increases the health and financial burdens of managing diabetes, especially for long-haul truckers who rely on their eyesight to maintain employment.