Why dialing back diabetes treatment is a good ideaA new study has unbelievable findings about treating Medicare patients with diabetes.
Five advancements in diabetes treatment to watch
Five advancements in diabetes treatment to watchThe healthcare industry continues to focus efforts on treatments that work better, and ideally are less expensive and less invasive for patients.
Newborn with persistent hypoglycemiaA full-term male infant was born to a 33-year-old gravida 3, para 3 mother. The prenatal course was uncomplicated, without gestational diabetes; the mother received prenatal care at an out-of-state institution. At the delivery, however, the baby was notably macrosomic, with shoulder dystocia and perinatal distress requiring positive pressure ventilation.
Overtreating glucose levels can take a toll on diabetes patientsMayo Clinic researchers found that beyond overtesting, focus on HbA1C levels can lead to serious harms for patients, especially as more diabetes drugs are needed to keep HbA1C within desired targets.
Hypoglycemia guidelines: AAP vs PESThe topic of hypoglycemia in neonates and children has generated significant debate of late, with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Pediatric Endocrine Society (PES) having advanced apparently conflicting guidelines. Here's what community pediatricians need to know to avoid overscreening healthy infants and children without discharging babies who may have glucose-regulation problems beyond the first days of life.
Boosting micropreemie outcomesHospital discharge for extremely low-birth-weight (ELBW) infants, defined as those born at 28 weeks or earlier and weighing less than 1000 g at birth, often means significant ongoing health challenges for these babies and their families.
Tight glycemic control can do more harm to elderly patientsA new study reveals that tight glycemic control might not be the best goal for older adults with diabetes and other comorbidities.
Continuous glucose monitoring: What pharmacists need to knowAs CGM technology evolves, pharmacists can play a key role in helping patients navigate new systems coming on the market.
A road map to severe hypoglycemia reduction in hospital patientsHow a large healthcare system in St. Louis, Mo., drove down the number of severe hypoglycemia cases in hospitalized patients over a five-year period.
New therapy to fight pediatric hypoglycemiaFor parents of a child with type 1 diabetes, hypoglycemia can be a scary—and fatal—complication, but a treatment is in development that gives parents and caregivers a new way to keep glucose levels in check.