Five ways to ensure millennials pay their medical billsNew TransUnion analysis explores millennial healthcare payment behavior.
Avoiding financial disaster when collecting patient debt
Avoiding financial disaster when collecting patient debtAs deductibles rise, the ability for you to avoid financial ruin gets to be tougher if you don’t take patient balances seriously. So what to do?
4 key patient payment metrics doctors must monitorTo keep an eye on patient collections and spot revenue optimizing opportunities, practices should monitor several key measures.
Expansion state enrollees more likely to pay medical billsThe Commonwealth Fund examined the effects of the ACA’s Medicaid expansion on low income adults in three states that took different approaches to the law. Here’s what they found.
Accounts receivable: Strategies for better managementMaintaining healthy accounts receivable (AR) is essential to strong financial performance, but it’s easy for practices to feel overwhelmed or become complacent when it comes to keeping this piece of the revenue cycle on track. Here's some strategies to keep your AR on target.
Getting paid: Strategies and best practicesIn the current medical practice landscape, physicians are increasingly frustrated when it comes to the issue of payment for the care they provide. Doctors and their staff members often find themselves chasing patients and insurance companies to get paid, and frequently are forced to write off bills that could and should be paid.
Winning patients over while asking for moneyHow to equip staff to actually ask patients for payment.
Maximize patient collections using the web
Maximize patient collections using the webWith the addition of EHRs and patient portals, many practices today are better positioned to incorporate modern processes and procedures to manage their accounts receivables more effectively, particularly by improving collections from patients.
The technology factor: Tools to help you collect from patientsIf you want to increase practice profitability and haven’t mastered patient collections, consider how you might employ technology to help you succeed in the new high deductible landscape.
Collecting patient bills: When to use a collections agencyThe importance of establishing internal collections policies before turning to a collections agency