practice models

Venture capital and the future of dermatology: A reassessmentDr. Norman Levine offers bits of advice for those considering this type of change in your practice for those considering selling their practices to venture capital-backed enterprises based on his experience with one such company.
Physician employment: Both good and bad resultsDr. Henry Rosevear looks at how practices have changed since he entered into medicine and what these changes mean for urologists.
The ABCs of better medical practice managementPhysician practices are undergoing major structural and economical change due to shifting healthcare policies and demands, so it is important to address these changes head-on with the tools necessary to be successful
Delegating tasks to practice staff enhances team-based careCreating a system where each staff member works at the top of his or her license can improve the care a practice provides its patients.
AMA says the physician exodus to hospitals overratedRecent reports claiming that physicians are moving swiftly away from private practices into hospital employment are exaggerated, according to a report released by the American Medical Association (AMA).
Creating an eco-friendly medical practiceThe Whole Child Center in Oradell, New Jersey, is considered one of the first green pediatric practices in the country.
The direct primary care model is gaining traction. Is it right for you?Direct primary care (DPC) is a retainer-based model for primary care practices, but does not come with a standard set of rules like many other models. Instead, there is a common set of goals or characteristics, and DPC practices are making their own rules as they go.