selective laser trabeculoplasty

PSLT shows promise in lowering intraocular pressure Compared with SLT, PSLT appears to offer some advantages, such as a shorter duration of treatment and more comfort for patients.
The who, what, when, why and how of selective laser trabeculoplastySelective laser trabeculoplasty is safe and effective for reducing IOP in patients with glaucoma. However, not all patients respond to treatment and its effects are not permanent even in those who respond well.
Tips to best manage exfoliative glaucomaExfoliative glaucoma can prove to be a particularly difficult disease for opthalmologists to manage. In this article, aspects of IOP-lowering therapy specific to this type of glaucoma are considered, as well as the range of treatments available and the potential advantages and challenges associated with each therapy.
How to avoid bubble formation during SLTThe adjustment of treatment parameters may be an effective technique for surgeons to avoid bubble formation during selective laser trabeculoplasty.
SLT without gonioscopy lens successfulSelective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT) without the use of a gonioscopy lens was performed successfully and still decreased IOP over 6 months, said Michael Belkin, MD.
Maximum medical therapy in glaucomaA few months ago, I began to see what may be a little more progression on her OCT studies. I’m fairly confident that we’re in a good place right now as far as compliance is concerned, and I’m entering a crossroads with her regarding possibly adding therapy vs. getting a consult for a laser procedure, such as selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT), vs. getting a cataract consult.
SLT: A new standard in glaucoma treatmentAs society continues to become more technologically advanced and patient expectations grow alongside, there is no better time for physicians to rework the antiquated eyedrop-centered glaucoma treatment regime. SLT offers the treatment efficacy and convenience patients today need and stands to give the 1970s-based management of glaucoma a long-awaited shake-up in the 2010s.
Ellex’s SLT technology launches in U.S.Ellex Medical Lasers Ltd. announced that it has launched its proprietary selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT) technology in the United States.
Study shows SLT reduces glaucoma-related blindness in the developing worldPatients in St. Lucia are well controlled and medication-free 1 year after SLT.