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Making data work for your practiceIn today’s healthcare environment, using data analysis to improve your bottom line is an issue of survival.
Patients unhappy with doctors’ EHR use
Patients unhappy with doctors’ EHR useNo surprise here—patients say they are usually less satisfied with their doctor’s care when computers were used during appointments, according to a recent JAMA Internal Medicine study.
The end is in sight for Meaningful Use
The end is in sight for Meaningful UseCMS head says new program will focus on outcomes, not technology use.
How Cerner deal could change the EHR market
How Cerner deal could change the EHR marketThe massive contract could create a ripple effect,analysts say, but impact won’t be clear for years.
Best EHRs: Physician reviewedMedical Economics put questions about EHRs to experts and consultants in the field of health information technology. Their answers fall into two broad, interrelated categories: The products themselves, and the ways they are purchased and used. Read the results of our EHR survey.
Small practices lead the way on EHRsThe results of a 2015 Medical Economics survey on health information technology shows the surprising result that smaller, independent practices are not at a disadvantage in IT. They may actually be leading the way.
Avoiding an EHR-related malpractice suitAs electronic health record use grows, physicians must take steps to protect themselves from liability
Find the right EHR for your practicePhysicians who consider changing EHRs can take steps to ensure the next system meets their needs
Increasing patient portal use: Lessons from my practiceTim Dudley, MD describes how his patients use patient portals and how the lessons he's learn can apply to others.
Interoperability: How close are we?If interoperability is to become a reality, the government and private sector must overcome existing obstacles. But how should the industry proceed? Our experts explain.