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AUA 2014: Studies shine light on new PCa tests, TRT safetyIn our “Best of AUA” report, Urology Times’ editors and writers present the AUA annual meeting’s take-home messages in 15 therapeutic areas.
Best of AUA 2014: Sexual Function/Dysfunction
Best of AUA 2014: Sexual Function/DysfunctionLandon Trost, MD, presents the take home messages on sexual function/dysfunction from the AUA annual meeting in Orlando, FL, including studies of clostridium collagenase histolyticum (CCH [XIAFLEX]).
Clinical hypogonadism and the urologist’s role: Primum non nocereI consider urology to be a very unique field, one that I am lucky to be part of. Recently, though, I have begun to wonder whether the medical community (not necessarily the urology community) has been too quick to embrace the widespread use of testosterone replacement therapy.
Prosthesis may offer relief from intractable priapismMen with intractable priapism obtained immediate pain relief with few complications after implantation of a malleable penile prosthesis, data from a small clinical series showed.
Estradiol boosts libido in men receiving testosteroneA new study suggests that the role estrogen plays in influencing male libido may be more significant than previously thought. The findings carry implications for a variety of clinical situations, ranging from the use of testosterone replacement to boost flagging libido and androgen therapies in men with prostate cancer.
Peyronie’s treatment shows efficacy in phase III studiesIntralesional injection of collagenase clostridium histolyticum (CCH [XIAFLEX]) improves the physical and psychological aspects of Peyronie’s disease in men regardless of erectile dysfunction severity and whether they have a history of prior treatment or prostatectomy, according to a recent study.
Testosterone safety, efficacy data on Peyronie's treatment among sexual dysfunction researchThe safety of testosterone replacement therapy has been the subject of two recently published studies, which were followed by a January 2014 FDA announcement that the agency is investigating the risk of stroke, heart attack, and death in men taking TRT. Additional data on the safety of TRT, including its use in men following radical prostatectomy, will be presented at the AUA meeting, said John J. Mulcahy, MD, PhD.
AUA Exhibit Hall Highlights: Orlando 2014This guide features products and services from manufacturers that are exhibiting at the AUA annual meeting in Orlando. Exhibit hall booth numbers have been included so that you can search for product demonstrations and exhibits that are of particular interest to you.
Statins show significant benefit in men with erectile dysfunctionCholesterol-lowering statin drugs are associated with a significant improvement in erectile function, cardiologists reported in a new meta-analysis.
Best of AUA 2013: Sexual Function/Dysfunction
Best of AUA 2013: Sexual Function/DysfunctionRobert C. Dean, MD, presents the take home messages on sexual function/dysfunction from the AUA annual meeting in San Diego.