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Cannabinoid-based drug pipeline shows promise
Cannabinoid-based drug pipeline shows promiseNew treatment indications are under investigation for the use of cannabinoid-based drugs.
Why it might be hard to find a medical marijuana doctor
Why it might be hard to find a medical marijuana doctorMany doctors have a difficult time with marijuana as medication, and consider doctors who prescribe it as second-class citizens.
DEA to consider rescheduling marijuana — for the fourth timeWill the DEA finally reclassify marijuana to schedule 2?
Walgreens sending medical marijuana smoke signals?Walgreens’ posting of a sympathetic blog about the use of medical marijuana has created quite a buzz, with some online observers speculating the retail chain has its sight on that lucrative industry.
Medical marijuana: 8 questions in search of an evidence baseStarting as a seedy, possible root cause of drug abuse, marijuana has branched out and grown into a redwood-sized recreational drug industry not unlike the tobacco industry.
How to navigate the medical marijuana dilemma
How to navigate the medical marijuana dilemmaDoctors must confront the clinical, legal, and ethical implications as more states permit the use of marijuana.
The craziest optometry stories of 2015
The craziest optometry stories of 2015We’ve already shared our most-read stories for the year, but now it’s our turn to share our favorite stories from 2015—and boy, did we have some fun this year.
Medical marijuana: Legal considerations for physiciansThe medical profession is on the front lines of the medical marijuana battle. Yet the federal government still treats marijuana as a Schedule 1 controlled substance.
“Medical marijuana”: Behind the smokescreen, a goldmineEight questions about medical marijuana and one answer that fits them all.
How marijuana promoters bypass the law — and the public goodIf you think legalization of marijuana is such a good thing, take a look at what's been going on in Colorado.