New clinical practice guideline for rhinoplastyIt’s the first evidence-based guideline for rhinoplasty, and includes recommendations for pre- and post-management patient care to optimize outcomes.
Refining the nose with a needle
Refining the nose with a needleNonsurgical rhinoplasty may provide instant results without the downtime of surgery, but it’s a technique that requires expertise and a strategic approach.
How long does edema after rhinoplasty really last?Researchers share a timeline based on 3D images for post-op nasal edema after rhinoplasty.
Nonsurgical rhinoplasty of the Asian noseIs Voluma a safe and effective nonsurgical alternative to rhinoplasty in the Asian patient? Researchers report.
3D printing creates 'mock' post-surgery nosesDoes 3-D printing have a role in plastic surgery? The answer may be as plain as the nose on your (patient’s) face.
4 Pearls for improving rhinoplastyThe nose is arguably one of the most difficult facial surgeries to master. Dr. Ronald P. Gruber shares tips from his personal evolution in rhinoplasty.
Do demographics affect rhinoplasty patient satisfaction?Researchers examine gender, race, age and income to quantify differences in patient quality of life and satisfaction after rhinoplasty.
Rapid recovery rhinoplasty: One surgeon’s techniqueLess pain, less bruising, less downtime. Could this rhinoplasty approach offer patients the best of both worlds?
A healthier approach to rhinoplastyDr. Oren Friedman discusses the nasal valve and relates it to beauty and function.
Pre-op injections for post-op rhinoplastyResults of a recent Brazilian study suggest that preoperative use of dexamethasone sodium phosphate alters the occurrence of edema and ecchymosis following rhinoplasty.