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Many faces of the faceliftTwo surgeons describe the why and how of their favorite facelifting approaches.
Bodybuilders and breast reduction: the optimal surgical approachResults of a new study examine gynecomastia treatment in the physically fit male population of bodybuilders.
Study measures social impact of facial lesionsResearchers at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine have released the results of a study that measures the social impact of facial lesions before and after surgical reconstruction — a topic not investigated heretofore.
Examining SMAs for breast reconstruction patientsA new study suggests that for women considering breast-reduction surgery, a shared medical appointment (SMA) offers both a more efficient clinical visit and excellent patient satisfaction.
Researchers confirm positive effects of water-jet liposuctionWater-jet assisted liposuction offers what many think is a viable option to conventional liposuction techniques. Until now, however, there have been no systematic, controlled studies to demonstrate its effect on fresh lipoaspirates.
Simple mammaplasty assessment method benefits surgeon and patientResearchers find a simple and inexpensive measurement method for evaluating post-mammaplasty breast symmetry.
Technique offers ‘another refinement’ in thigh contouring
Aesthetic trends among teensThorough consultations are critical when assessing teenage patients seeking aesthetic procedures, experts say.
Synthetic vs natural grafting material for microtia reconstruction?Congenital deformities of the ear require choosing the right technique to effectively balance both function and aesthetics. When approaching microtia reconstruction, researchers recently sought to determine whether better overall results can be achieved with synthetic versus natural reconstructive materials.
How, why to start a laser practice
How, why to start a laser practiceLaser and light device treatments are infiltrating cosmetic and medical dermatology, causing many in the specialty to consider starting or growing laser practices. While the decision to go into the laser side of dermatology works out well for many, it can be a costly mistake for those who don’t do their homework, experts warn.