If Your Patients are Grumpy on Sundays and Happy on Thursdays, That May be Usual
If Your Patients are Grumpy on Sundays and Happy on Thursdays, That May be UsualIf your patients are grumpy on Sundays and happy on Thursdays, you may not be alone.
Leading during change: Tips for managed care executives
Leading during change: Tips for managed care executivesAs a healthcare executive, leading your organization through today’s rapidly changing business environment means tackling serious issues. Here's how to do it right.
Three secrets to successful healthcare mergers, acquisitionsOrganizations that want to achieve deal success should try to focus on three areas: planning, organizational change, and target management.
Four strategies to build a hassle-free practicePhysicians can implement these workflow strategies at their practices to put the focus back on patient care and to better delegate care functions to clinical staff.
How to fit a round peg in a square holeWhen managing staff, it is important to remember that employees are unique in their own way and want to be treated as individuals, so you should treat them as such.
Thriving amid office politics requires reality checkNot all office politics are inherently bad — the key is how individuals in a group work together to meet common goals, according to an expert.
How to motivate and retain the top employees are your practiceSuperstar employees know they do a great job, but they need you to recognize it and appreciate it. Here are ways you can keep your top performers on the team and help other workers to improve.
How primary care physicians can land executive jobs in healthcareNot every physician is looking to take on an administrative role in healthcare, but those who are interested need to have the experience and business mind for the role.
How a manufacturing process transformed healthcare deliveryLet me tell you how “Lean,” also known as the Toyota Production System, transformed my clinical practice from a hectic, stressful, and unpredictable experience to one that runs smoothly and became a paragon of efficiency, safety, and quality.
Allergan appoints Douglas Ingram as presidentAllergan Inc. has named Douglas S. Ingram as the company’s new president. Ingram will lead the company’s global commercial operations, with responsibility for its broad portfolio of pharmaceutical, consumer, and medical device products.