obesity in pregnancy

Women's Health Update: ACOG 2017 on obesityA round-up of research on obesity in pregnancy from the ACOG 2017 meeting in San Diego, California.
ACOG Guidelines at a Glance: Obesity in pregnancyAn expert commentary on Practice Bulletin No. 156: Obesity in Pregnancy.
Morbidly obese gravidas: Labor or not?Prior to the 1980s, because labor after a previous cesarean delivery was believed to be dangerous, many obstetricians recommended repeat cesareans for all subsequent births to women with a previous such delivery. Since then, TOLAC has been advocated as a reasonable alternative for women with a previous cesarean delivery via a low transverse uterine incision.
Pharmacists, moms, and gestational diabetes: A growing responsibilityIf you are a pharmacist who deals with patients, expect to deal with gestational diabetes.
The benefits of weight loss in obese gravidasObese patients should be advised to avoid excessive weight gain in pregnancy.
Women's Health Update: Breast biopsies read as atypia may warrant a second lookPlus: research on systemic HT, type II diabetes and post-pregnancy obesity
Infants of overweight mothers at risk of asphyxia at birthAccording to a recent study in PLoS Medicine, infants born to mothers who are overweight or obese may be at increased risk of experiencing birth asphyxia.
Preconception health indicatorsWhere in the US are women most likely to stop drinking before they get pregnant? Get a checkup? Take folic acid? The CDC recently asked these questions to find out how to reduce risky preconception behavior.
Higher maternal BMI linked to fetal death, stillbirthA meta-analysis has shown that even small increases in a mother's BMI can increase the risk of fetal death, stillbirth, and neonatal, perinatal, and infant death.
Spontaneous preterm birth: preconceptional nutrition mattersIn his August 2013 editorial, editor in chief Dr. Charles Lockwood discusses recent findings that obese women have a higher risk of extremely early preterm delivery.