Lions Eye Institute for Transplant and Research

Cultures in evaluating donor corneal tissue for transplantA small study of donor corneal tissues has shown that positive sputum cultures prior to death are not correlated with positive graft cultures after preparation. Despite the presence of low levels of various pathogens, no growth was found in any bacteria or fungus rim cul-tures.
Editor's Blog: Posters more than piece of paperAs part of Ophthalmology Times’ coverage of the 2014 meeting of the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology, Group Content Director Mark L. Dlugoss writes this blog with his observations of the meeting.
The vitreous: Orphan of the eyeOngoing research at the University of Washington-St. Louis suggests that degeneration of the vitreous is implicated, not only in retinal conditions, but in cataract and glaucoma as well.
Tissue pre-loaded by eye bank used to perform corneal transplantsA successful procedure was completed with eye bank cartridges.