Have we dodged another Zika bullet?Now with mosquito season past in most parts of North America, it seems we can be confident the predicted spread will not come to pass—at least in this year.
Small Doses: The Weekly News You Need to Know
Small Doses: The Weekly News You Need to KnowSmall doses is a weekly slideshow of the news you may have missed, made just for you and your busy lifestyle.
Zika virus, Chikungunya, Syphilis infections increase in newbornsMosquito-born virus, Zika, is expected to find its way to the United States. The result of infection can be devastating for pregnant women. Other viral infections being seen more commonly in infants are Chikungunya and syphilis. Learn more
Researchers explore promise of gene therapyScientists explore innovative delivery systems that might one day treat hemophilia and other blood diseases
AAN issues brief on Hepatitis CThe American Academy of Nursing recently issued the brief, Hepatitis C Screening and Testing: A Call for a National Response, which identifies barriers and solutions to hepatitis prevention.
Virus targets melanoma in miceA virus injected into mice with melanoma proved effective for prompting an immune system response that killed the virus and the tumor, a recent study demonstrated.