Employee relations

The cost of disengagement in the practiceA practice with disengaged employees risks bleeding cash, says Amy Koon of the medical practice management firm Keystone Medical. In this article, Ms. Koon highlights key steps necessary for creating employee engagement.
If Your Patients are Grumpy on Sundays and Happy on Thursdays, That May be Usual
If Your Patients are Grumpy on Sundays and Happy on Thursdays, That May be UsualIf your patients are grumpy on Sundays and happy on Thursdays, you may not be alone.
Employee theft and embezzlementTo prevent employee theft, an expert recommends closely monitoring cash for and financial records, beefing up internal controls and keeping an eye on employees facing unusual pressures.
Avoiding legal trouble in your practiceWhen you’re caring for your patients and running your practice from day to day, legal protection may not be at the front of your mind, but there are steps you can take to protect yourself and your practice from litigation.
Creating and maintaining an employee benefits package
Finding and incorporating the right office manager
Finding and incorporating the right office managerYou can be the best clinician in the world, but if you cannot effectively run a business, you are likely to struggle. Having the right office manager is a key part of that success.
How to be a the tech your doctor can’t live withoutOver the years of interviewing, hiring, and training staff, I realized that there are some technicians who are just adequate. They were for the most part reliable, usually made good decisions, and did their job adequately. Nothing more. I also noticed there were other technicians who were superstars.
Hire and manage key employeesDo you spend time wondering why employees no-show or resign? Do you think about how employee retention and turnover affects your bottom line? Today’s employees leave jobs for reasons other than just compensation and benefits, and tend to leave managers/co-workers than actual companies. Owners should provide vision, empowerment, empathy, motivation, teamwork, fun, and incentives so employees feel they have an ownership in the business.
Thriving amid office politics requires reality checkNot all office politics are inherently bad — the key is how individuals in a group work together to meet common goals, according to an expert.
How to motivate and retain the top employees are your practiceSuperstar employees know they do a great job, but they need you to recognize it and appreciate it. Here are ways you can keep your top performers on the team and help other workers to improve.