Employee handbook

8 tips for avoiding employee handbook crises
8 tips for avoiding employee handbook crisesCan your employee handbook get you in trouble?
What the clinic handbook doesn’t coverBeyond the official handbook, employees will also come with their own “rules of survival” that they expect the clinic to follow. Unfortunately, the practice will have no idea what the rules—or deviation of the rules—are until they occur.
Under attack: Arm yourself against hackers
Under attack: Arm yourself against hackersWhile recent attacks on Anthem, Community Health Systems, Premera and CareFirst helped focus awareness on the importance of cybersecurity, many healthcare payers and providers are still mired in outmoded or unfocused strategies and thus remain vulnerable.
Avoiding legal trouble in your practiceWhen you’re caring for your patients and running your practice from day to day, legal protection may not be at the front of your mind, but there are steps you can take to protect yourself and your practice from litigation.
Firing an employee: Protecting your practice from a lawsuitEmployees frequently file discrimination, harassment, and retaliation claims in response to being fired. Here's how employers can avoid these types of claims.
Best practices for employee handbooksWhile employee handbooks serve a very important role, keep them simple and to-the-point, and outline the practice’s most salient expectations and legal obligations when creating them.