Simplify gaps in care and improve member complianceData is key to helping providers increase member compliance, and technology has made this delivery simpler and more effective.
Missing this data can hurt your population health strategiesKey socioeconomic data that will help you care for your most vulnerable populations.
Four steps managed care can take to promote antimicrobial stewardshipThe call for antimicrobial stewardship is growing. Enact these steps to prevent a return to the pre-antibiotic era.
Seven ways health execs can prepare for the futureSeven ways health execs can prepare for the future.
Four priorities your health plan must embrace to thrive in the future
Four priorities your health plan must embrace to thrive in the futureHealth plans of the future will focus on consumers: designing products, care and services to support improved health.
Value-based care takes over J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference 2017Is the drive to value-based care really accelerating? What can be done amidst all of the uncertainty? Expert shares insights from the J.P. Morgan 35th Annual Healthcare Conference.
7 scariest acronyms of healthcare explained
7 scariest acronyms of healthcare explainedThe healthcare industry loves its acronyms, making it a little like a confusing, high-stakes version of alphabet soup. New acronyms are constantly introduced into the healthcare landscape, each signifying change and a new challenge.
Three ways to draw competitive advantage from risk adjustmentRisk adjustment has great potential if you follow these three simple rules.
Harnessing the power of patient satisfactionMastering patient satisfaction measures and using them to guide operations decisions is a powerful practice management tool.
Five ways payers can improve member engagementHere are five ways payers could help their members become more engaged in their health and provider-recommended treatment plan.