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Sen. Schumer: Focus on something really importantWhile I’m sure Sen. Schumer is fully conversant on all topics relating to eyewear as evidenced by his outstanding frame selection, those of us practicing in the real world fully recognize that our patients have a wide variety of choices when selecting eyewear, from our own opticals to those of local competitors and online vendors.
Solving optical complaintsSo many dispensaries struggle with common problems that hamper both efficiency and customer or patient relationships. From salespeople who don't truly believe in the product, to miscommunication, to costly product replacements, these challenges can all be handled with simple pivoting both in mindset and adoption of office-wide systems.
How your optical can save your practice come Oct. 1The ICD-10 implementation deadline is nearly upon us—but did you know that you may experience a three-to-six-month delay in payments from insurance companies?
5 ways to improve in-office purchasingYour patients are conditioned to believe that if they take their Rx and just buy it online, they are going to get the best deal. That may have been a partial truth in the past, but today, you are often times able to offer your patients the best deal.
4 ways to improve vendor relationshipsDeveloping and fostering positive relationships with colleagues is instrumental to an optometry practice’s success. However, relationship building should extend not only to internal but also to external colleagues.
After Shark Tank, Frameri online optical finds success
After Shark Tank, Frameri online optical finds successIf you caught a recent episode of ABC’s Shark Tank, you may have gotten a look at eyewear’s latest startup company.
Premium customer service takes your practice from good to greatWhat does it mean to have a premium practice? What does premium customer service deliver? These are common questions posed to medical practices and businesses as they seek out advice on how to thrive in today’s ever-competitive environment.
Taking fashion-forward approach key to maintaining profitable optical shopsOptical shop and trend specialists track what patients want in eyewear, and explain why an inventory of the year’s fashionable styles is a must for competitive advantages.
How to overcome the optical shopper's objection
How to overcome the optical shopper's objectionOvercoming objections is one of the most difficult techniques for opticians (and most salespeople) to master.
Modernized lifestyle dispensingNever before have we had such a plethora of choices at our disposal when it comes to offering solutions to visual needs. It seems as though what used to require occasional education on new products and their benefits has now become an ongoing necessity as advances in technology grow by leaps and bounds.