financial strategies

The secret to smart investing for physiciansThe secret to smart investing for physicians is finding your number and the right financial professional to help you reach it
What is and what isn't in a credit scoreWhether it’s to expand the office, upgrade technology or buy new equipment, a physician’s credit score will determine how much funding for which you’re approved.
Top 15 tips to improve payer/physician relationship
Top 15 tips to improve payer/physician relationshipFor the first time, Medical Economics has polled doctors to get to the heart of the payer-physician disconnect.
Tax planning tips for physiciansNavigating opportunities & landmines
5 ways missing a payment deadline hurts physiciansBetween patient appointments, running a practice, trying to fit in continuing education and dealing with personal obligations, staying on top of bills can be challenging.
Get your house in order before a practice transactionBefore selling your practice, bringing on a new partner or investor or entering into a new practice management relationship or joint venture, you should first determine if there are any business or regulatory risks present in your practice, as they could jeopardize your transaction or put a portion of your proceeds at risk.
What should dermatologists do when a merger beckons?Many dermatologists are approached by parties interested in acquiring a practice. Knowing ahead of time what questions you should ask—and how to answer their questions—can turn a simple inquiry by them into a wealth of information for you.
What doctors need to know about buying versus leasing equipmentDoctors and hospitals in the U.S. spend nearly $200 billion per year on medical devices, according to a 2015 study by the Advanced Medical Technology Association.
Tips for succession planning for private practicesNearly 40% of doctors in the U.S. are aged 50 or older, and one in four are 65 or older, according to the American Medical Association. For these baby boomers, retirement is a fast-approaching reality. As they ponder their next life phase, doctors who own private practices face several challenges unique to the profession.
Step-by-step approach to HIPAA complianceThere are more than 50 policies that medical practices may have to implement to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), so it’s no wonder meeting these requirements may appear overwhelming, especially for smaller practices with limited time and resources.