Fit multifocal lenses for older and younger patients
Fit multifocal lenses for older and younger patientsBecoming an experienced multifocal contact lens fitter allows ODs to address visual needs for two patient populations: presbyopes (and emerging presbyopes) and myopic children. Knowing when to choose a soft multifocal vs. a gas permeable or specialty design will increase fitting success for the OD as well as patient satisfaction.
Developing contact lens technology at Global Contact Lens ForumAt its fourth annual gathering at Vision Expo East, the Global Contact Lens Forum addressed developing technologies with research and development (R&D) scientists, evidence-based eye care, and contact lens practice settings.
Managing presbyopia heading into the year 2020Patients don’t have to wait for 2020 to achieve 20/20 vision at near without spectacles or contact lenses. Rather, the advancements we have seen just in the past few years should be enough to help manage their expectations.
7 strategies for fitting keratoconus patientsTry these seven strategies to improve your keratoconus contact lens fitting and offer better outcomes to your patients.
SynergEyes releases video tutorials for Duette lenses
SynergEyes expands Duette progressive lens parameters
SynergEyes expands Duette progressive lens parametersSynergEyes, Inc. has expanded parameters for its Duette Progressive lens, which is now available in 0.1 mm increments.
SynergEyes launches Concierge ServiceSynergEyes, Inc. has launched a new service to help ensure eyecare professionals success with Duette (MaxVU RGP, Flex20 silicone hydrogel) hybrid contact lenses.
EyeXam mobile app launches MVPs sponsored by industry leadersIndustry supports EyeXam mobile app to help users find local eyecare practitioners.