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Pharmacy Technician Conference Creates Consensus on Technician Qualifications
Pharmacy Technician Conference Creates Consensus on Technician QualificationsThe conference emphasized the need for standardization and the importance of safety in the training of pharmacy technicians.
Faulty Drug Interaction Overrides: We Have to Do BetterWe need a system that cries wolf only when a wolf actually appears--not every time a chihuahua dances by.
Remote Patient Monitoring is a Wise Investment for PayersThe results of Geneia’s year-long study – a savings of $8,375 per patient and a slowing of disease progression – demonstrate that remote patient monitoring is a wise investment for payers.
Advanced Analytics Improve Physician Engagement and Performance in ACOsHealth plans are using advanced analytics to improve physician engagement, performance and satisfaction in ACOs and risk-sharing contracts.
Explore three pathways to fast-growing pharmacy nicheThere are more ways than one to run a specialty pharmacy — and success can be found with any of them.
When providers become payersIn an effort to cut costs and improve care, some provider organizations are exploring a new twist on an old idea.
Super clinically integrated networks offer unique opportunitiesSuper clinically integrated networks can strengthen each of the independent members.
Improve your business: 4 tips for healthcare execs
Determining the best approach to consolidation in healthcarePayers and providers must consider the key differences between two consolidation models: "horizontal consolidations" and "vertical consolidations." Here's why.
Walgreens model takes aim at population healthHow can health systems simultaneously improve population health and patient satisfaction, yet reduce per capita costs? A Walgreens model points the way.