menstrual cycle

Delayed menarche with normal pubertal growthA 14-year-old female presents for a wellness visit. On history, she is noted to not have started her menstrual cycle but on physical exam has significant breast and pubic hair development since the age of 10 years.
BBD and cancer risk rises among girls who drinkA girl who consumes 1 alcoholic drink per day between her first menstrual cycle and her first full-term pregnancy increases her risk of proliferative benign breast disease (BBD) and breast cancer, says a new study.
Convenience, not symptoms, motivates menstrual cycle manipulationUniversity students who use combination hormonal contraceptives to schedule a bleeding cycle do so for convenience rather than relief of symptoms, according to a new study by University of Oregon investigators. And family or friends--not health care professionals--are the source of information on how to manipulate method use for many of these women.