ACOs support programs that increase value in pediatricsStudy: ACOs can be part of the structure to improve outcomes in children with medical complexity.
CMS updates data mining rule to enrich patient careCMS finalized new rules that aim to enrich the Qualified Entity Program by expanding access to analyses and data that will help providers, employers, and others make more informed decisions about care delivery and quality improvement.
Leveraging data integration to manage chronic conditionsIs digital health integration the missing link in understanding chronic diseases and what should physicians be asking to ensure the data they want to receive is captured effectively?
Five ways effective teams transform healthcareEffective teams transform patient and caregiver experience by building trust and meeting goals. Here are five ways how.
How nurses can avoid the top health technology hazardsOut of the 10 top hazards identified in the report, nurses work directly with the top 5.
Study substantiates nurse impact on clinical outcomesA new study published in the September issue of Health Services Research found that individual nurses can in fact have a positive impact on patients.
Nurses and care teams need better ways to communicate to improve hospital careHospitals lose about $12 billion annually as a result of poor communication among healthcare providers.
Nurses growing more dissatisfied with EHR systemsElectronic health records are a source of frustration for many nurses, according to new research.
Nursing unions use Ebola momentum to vie for better training, protectionThe California Nurses’ Union is seeking better protection against Ebola in its negotiation with Kaiser Permanente.
New study will judge nursing practices and patient outcomes under the ACAA researcher at the University of Pennsylvania will examine evolving nursing practices under the Affordable Care Act.