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Integrating computer-assisted toric IOL implantation
Integrating computer-assisted toric IOL implantationSince making the switch to a markerless toric alignment system, Bryan S. Lee, MD, JD, explains how the technology has eliminated ink marking from his surgical regimen.
Treating all lenses equallyIntraocular lenses have come a long way in the 66 years since Harold Ridley first inserted one, said Alan Carlson, MD, professor of ophthalmology, Duke University, Durham, NC.
New laser system simplifies astigmatism correctionAn experienced user describes the ease and outcomes of astigmatism correction using a proprietary femtosecond laser system.
Strategies for performing a reverse optic capture of toric IOL
Strategies for performing a reverse optic capture of toric IOLSteven Dewey, MD, shares his experience with a recent patient case when a lens rotated. A possibility for why this may have happened is the lens was not stable in the bag.
Magnitude, axis of astigmatism vital to toric IOL alignment, but no consensus on best measureThough it is generally agreed that accurate identification of the magnitude and axis of astigmatism is essential in order to choose the right toric power and correctly position it, there is no strong consensus about which measurement is best to base magnitude and axis decisions. Results from a recent clinical survey support this trend.
Reducing IOL prediction errorIntraoperative aberrometry enables better outcomes for demanding and challenging patients according to new study.
Toric IOLs in abnormal corneas: How the two can work togetherPremium IOLs can be used successfully in patients with corneal pathologies.
Alcon launches new iPad app for cataract surgeonsAlcon recently launched Toric Pro, a new app that gives cataract surgeons a number of tools in a single app intended to improve their knowledge on toric IOL procedures for treating astigmatism at the time of surgery.
Toric IOLs: Factoring in posterior corneaThe ratio of the anterior to posterior corneal curvature is not constant for astigmatism. By factoring in the contribution of the posterior cornea based on population data, the Baylor toric IOL nomogram can improve surgical outcomes following toric IOL implantation.
Intraoperative aberrometry adds value in toric IOL surgeryUse of intraoperative aberrometry significantly improves refractive and visual outcomes after toric IOL implantation, according to a retrospective study presented by Kathryn Hatch, MD.