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Study reveals vaccinations don’t weaken natural immunityA popular claim in the antivaccination movement that too many vaccines can set children up for poor immunity overall has been refuted in a new study.
Should women over 65 be screened for cervical cancer?A study questions the existing guidance saying only women over 65 years who have risk factors should be screened for cervical cancer. Also, do placental syndromes increase the risk of cardiovascular disease? Plus: A look at Gardisil 9's safety profile.
Vaccines and febrile seizure riskPediatricians often administer vaccines in clusters, but a new study reveals that certain vaccines may increase the risk of febrile seizures when given on the same day.
Vaccinations: What parents want (VIDEO)For Contemporary Pediatrics, Dr Bobby Lazzara explains key findings from a nationally representative survey published in Clinical Pediatrics. The survey asked parents what they wanted to know about vaccines and how they wanted providers to handle their concerns.
When 'firing' a patient for vaccine refusal is the only responseOutbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases like measles and pertussis have led pediatricians to take a hard line, sometimes dismissing patients who are non-compliant with immunizations. A new study examines the prevalence—and consequences—of patient dismissal.
Managing vaccine inventories: Tips for pharmacy servicesVaccines are specialty medicines in pharmacy inventory management. Here are some tips on their proper handling, storage, delivery, and administration.
Vaccine refusalIf there is no link between vaccines and conditions such as autism, why do pediatricians spend so much time talking about this topic with parents?
HPV, HSVKey developments in battling sexually transmitted viruses include a new version of the HPV vaccine that protects against nine strains, and continued progress against HSV, says an expert.
Small world, giant petri dishDermatologists must be aware of the appearance of the measles rash and the mode of measles transmission, as well as its highly infectious nature and incubation period. The dermatologist can be a hero if he or she quickly identifies the possibility of measles in a febrile child with conjunctivitis, cough, and a morbilliform rash.
Measles vaccines are safe, study confirms
Measles vaccines are safe, study confirmsTwo measles-containing vaccines are unlikely to result in adverse effects, a 12-year study has found.