fat grafting

The latest research on PRPStudy finds adding PRP to fat grafting improves recovery time, but not cosmetic outcomes or patient satisfaction.
Recommendations for safer gluteal fat graftingA plastic surgery taskforce recently released recommendations for gluteal fat grafting, a procedure that has a significantly higher mortality rate than any other in the aesthetic space.
Plastic surgery predictions
Plastic surgery predictionsWhat will shape cosmetic medicine in 2018? We asked industry leaders to weigh in with what they think will drive aesthetic medicine’s evolution this year.
What’s the best site for fat harvesting?A recent study compares lipoaspirate properties of fat in the abdomen, inner thigh and knee.
Fat grafting and the FDAWill the FDA's final regulations impose limits on the use of autologous fat grafting in cosmetic surgery?
Fat grafting: The missing linkPlastic surgeon Timothy Marten, M.D., explains the artistic power of fat grafting in facial rejuvenation.
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Fat grafting: Risk assessment for breast reconstructionIs it safe to perform fat grafting after mastectomy for breast reconstruction?
CAL breast augmentation with SVFDoes stromal vascular fraction (SVF) affect fat graft retention in breast augmentation by cell-assisted lipotransfer (CAL)?
Microfat grafting vs surgery for facial contouringDoes microfat grafting offer a viable alternative to surgery for facial contouring?