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Why Health Systems Are Making Their Own Generics
Why Health Systems Are Making Their Own GenericsOver 450 hospitals have joined together over frustrations about drug prices and shortages.
Alternatives to Opioids
Alternatives to OpioidsHow Trinity Health and Pacira are minimizing opioid use.
Walgreens opens pharmacy inside N.J. hospitalWalgreens recently opened a retail pharmacy inside Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center in Camden, N.J.
Multidisciplined process redesign: A collaborative approach to system-wide electronic medication reconciliation improvementMedication errors and adverse drug events (ADEs) pose large threats to patient wellbeing and safety. Medication errors are the most common errors occurring in hospitals. Preventable ADEs are linked with 1 in 5 injuries or deaths. Medication errors occur at key points of transition during the hospital stay. 4-6 At one institution, failure to reconcile medications at transition points accounted for 50% of all medication errors and 20% of ADEs. Medication errors and ADEs are harmful, but also costly to the patient and the healthcare system.7 Complete and accurate medication reconciliation is crucial for reducing medication errors and ADEs