Are there non-glycemic benefits of continuous glucose monitoring?A multinational randomized controlled trial indicates, for what may be the first time, that continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) may have health benefits that go well beyond control of maternal hyperglycemia. Plus: Does postmenopausal HT impact risk of stroke? Also: A study suggests that late puberty affects bone mineral density.
Delayed menarche with normal pubertal growthA 14-year-old female presents for a wellness visit. On history, she is noted to not have started her menstrual cycle but on physical exam has significant breast and pubic hair development since the age of 10 years.
Evaluation for early puberty: When, why, and howA workup is indicated for a child with signs of puberty starting before the normal lower age limits to determine whether the developmental changes represent normal variation or a pathologic process.
AAP offers guidance on evaluating early pubertyEarly puberty can result in a lot of parental anxiety, and many pediatricians are unsure of how to assess for true early pubertal onset versus a more serious condition.
Transgender kids not confused on gender identityThe gender identity expressed by transgender children is deeply rooted and not the result of confusion or pretense, a new study indicates.
Sugar-sweetened drinks linked to earlier menarcheGirls who drink sugar-sweetened beverages frequently may begin menarche at a younger age than girls who don’t, a new study suggests.
Affirming gender: Caring for gender-atypical children and adolescentsThis article offers a primer for understanding gender and addressing gender-nonconforming, gender-expansive, and transgender children and their families.
Earlier onset of puberty linked to obesityChildren, especially girls, who weigh more at 5 years of age tend to have lower levels of a hormone that affects the onset of puberty and enter puberty earlier than less heavy children, a new study reports.
Keep young girls away from high-fat dietsGirls approaching puberty may need to avoid a diet high in saturated animal fats to reduce their chances of developing breast cancer later in life.
Researchers find gene for precocious pubertyResearchers have identified the genetic mutation responsible for central precocious puberty. Experts say the finding may help unlock the mysteries surrounding the timing of puberty and make it possible to identify those at risk of early onset.