Mati Therapeutics

Punctal plug drug delivery attractive method for managing glaucomaPunctal plug-based delivery systems for sustained delivery of glaucoma medications represent new and versatile technology that is under development. The hope is it can help with the problem of patient compliance when managing mild-moderate glaucoma, said Marlene Moster, MD.
New technologies on horizon to redefine drug deliveryGlaucoma has an adherence problem. Drugs that are highly efficacious are far less than optimally effective because patients fail to take eye drops properly or don’t take them all. Novel drug-delivery technologies could improve adherence and outcomes.
Drug-delivery technologies will transform care
Sustained-delivery platform opens new frontier in ocular therapeutic deliveryThe development of sustained, ocular drug delivery aims to remove patient compliance in order to achieve the therapeutic effect.
QLT completes sale of punctal plug technology to Mati TherapeuticsQLT entered into an agreement with Mati in December and closed the deal in April.