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Looking back at 2016
Looking back at 2016Before the new year gets too far along, let’s take a brief look at the happenings in the pages of Optometry Times during 2016.
How to establish value in the minds of contact lens wearersDifferentiate yourself in this era of heightened competition
5 ways to start the lens care conversation with patientsDo more than hand patients a box—prescribe instead of recommend
What you need to know about the Peroxiclear recall
What you need to know about the Peroxiclear recallStick to your usual prescribing habits is the advice given by contact lens experts in the wake of the recent recall of peroxide lens care system Peroxiclear by Bausch + Lomb.
Contact lens solution roundupKnow what your patients see when they purchase lens care products
6 contact lens wear and care habits for patients and ODsAs a profession, we have seen the benefits of transitioning patients to contact lens modalities that are replaced frequently. Innovations in material technologies have allowed advanced designs, including greater oxygen permeability to provide a healthier, more comfortable wearing experience.
5 lens care tips for traveling patientsKeep your patients in safe and comfortable lens wear while on the road
How to keep athletes’ eyes healthy in contact lenses
How to keep athletes’ eyes healthy in contact lensesAs a die-hard University of Kentucky basketball fan, I have watched many, many basketball games throughout my life. During these basketball games, I have cringed at a few of my favorite players because I have seen some of the players drop their contact lenses on the court, pick them up, put them in their mouths, and then put them right back in their eyes!
How travel affects your patients’ lens care habitsIt is a constant challenge to be able to inspire patients to care meticulously for their lenses when life is easy, but what happens to that care when life gets hard? What happens when their schedules are upside down, and they are on the go? Travel influences how patients wear and care for their lenses—let’s look at the how, why, and most importantly, what we can do about it.
New option for peroxide lens care caseAccording to a recent report form the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), there are approximately 40.9 million adult wearers of contact lenses in the U.S.1 Numerous reports suggest that 16 to 31 percent of contact lens wearers discontinue contact lens wear and return to glasses.