Using social media to improve the way you connectHaving a presence on social media is not absolutely necessary to run a successful practice, but it can be a valuable tool in connecting with patients and diverse communities. If used wisely, social media can help grow a practice.
3 tips to use LinkedIn to advance your career
3 tips to use LinkedIn to advance your careerAfter many years as the sole optometrist in a busy ophthalmology practice, I found myself feeling isolated. I had excelled in my career managing many complicated ocular disease cases and making a difference in the lives of the patients whom I served; however, I was lacking the collaboration with my peers I had experienced during my residency and years in school.
Why social media is important in dermatologyDermatology Times presents a year-long exploration of social media—the many ways that it impacts the field of dermatology as well as your medical practice. The series will provide strategies and tips for how you can use social to best effect: how to get started, which platforms to use, secrets for incorporating video, AMA guidelines, and more.
7 social media platforms every urologist should useWith 87% of all adults using the Internet and 70% of all millennials searching for a doctor online, it’s become essential for every health care professional to cultivate an online presence, and social media is the quickest route to establishing it.
‘Linking in’ to optometry
‘Linking in’ to optometryLinkedIn is an online social media platform that connects professionals around the world with the goal of increasing productivity and success. Founded in 2003, the now ubiquitous tool has revolutionized the way people are hired. LinkedIn offers unique benefits to the prospective employee, making it a useful tool to have as an optometry student.
Social media success stems from message managementSocial media success requires accentuating the positive, as well as recognizing the potential impact of every comment or click, according to experts at the Cosmetic Surgery Forum, held here.
Networking in a changing environmentBe intentional about ongoing networking with customers and colleagues by setting aside time to talk about potential business opportunities and share clinical concerns.
New Year’s resolutions for nurses in 2014Career commitments don’t show up nearly as often, but why not take a few minutes this month plan how you can advance your nursing career in 2014? Here are five suggested goals.
How social media can benefit your practiceAre you wondering how your dermatology practice can draw in more patients? Social media is the ideal platform to share your brand’s story, connect directly with target audiences and influence their opinion about your practice.
Embrace social media to land the perfect positionSocial media are an excellent way to boost your job search, according to a physician recruiter. Here are his tips.