quality measures

Physicians should partner with pharmacists to battle quality metricsFrom identifying alternative prescriptions covered at a lower cost by a patient’s plan to serving as an educator on disease management, pharmacists can play a huge role in aiding patient care.
How EHR capabilities will affect Medicare quality payRegulators are providing flexibility when it comes to system upgrades, but functionality questions remain
Tips for improving physician-pharmacist relationsMedicare payment reform offers added incentives for making pharmacists part of a patient’s care delivery team.
What do patients value in healthcare?National surveys from Public Agenda, supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, examine public perceptions of quality in diabetes care, joint replacement and maternity care.
What makes a high-risk patient, and how do we care for them?
What makes a high-risk patient, and how do we care for them?With the paradigm shift to value-based care, physicians, health plans and policy makers are all striving for a crucial goal—achieving better outcomes at lower costs
Do quality measures disillusion young doctors?If patients are going to hurt the practice’s financial bottom line by causing adverse scores, are they patients we want to continue to serve?
How quality measures can decrease cesareansCan adopting quality measures decrease the cesarean rate? Plus: The Government Accountability Office issues a report on power morcellators and the FDA's system of evaluation. Also, does the volume of one type of heart fat indicate the risk of heart disease?
GOP Doctors Caucus: We’ll fix MACRA if CMS won’tAs they analyze the 2,398-page final rule revamping Medicare reimbursement, Republican physician lawmakers say they will, if needed, intervene to improve the regulations for the nation’s physicians.
6 things doctors need to know about MACRA final rule
6 things doctors need to know about MACRA final ruleThe Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released its final rule for the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) October 14. Here’s what physicians need to know.
Better quality will equal better pay for physicians
Better quality will equal better pay for physiciansTying doctor's pay to the quality of the care rendered is called “incentive alignment,” and it is critical to achieving value and to properly balance healthcare’s cost, quality and access.