Putting It In View

Blocked clinic flow can be analogous to a beaver damMeaningful use and government mandates have added blocks all throughout the system that continue to add more and more time to each patient visit--and ends up damming up the clinic from ever getting their hands on the patient to do the exam.
5 mistakes managers often makeOne of the hardest parts of being a manager is the stage on which we stand when we make mistakes!
When did I become everyone’s honey?Here’s a scenario: You walk up to the local fast food counter for lunch. The morning is still fresh in your mind, and all the afternoon projects are pushing their way into the forefront of your brain. Distracted is under stating where your mind is at. You finally get to the order person, and a 16-year-old sings out: “Hi sweetie, what can we do for you today?”
Due diligence can mean difference between good plan, bad planWhen developing a new plan for a medical practice, explore solutions and barriers from all possible angles (including an escape route) before implementing the endeavor.
Why conducting the interview yourself will ultimately be better for your clinicSo the next time you hand this task off to the human resources person to do, try jumping back in the saddle and taking the reins.
For whose convenience: The practice or the patient?Giving pause to so-called conveniences that are offered for the sake of the patient may reveal just the opposite.
4 secrets to sustaining success in your practiceWhen success starts coming your way, the last thing you should do is take your foot off the gas. You must push even harder if you want the success to be sustainable.
Who’s really running your practice: you or your staff?To run a successful practice, managers must be able to discipline behavior that doesn’t align with company procedures, even when it may be uncomfortable.
(Eavesdropping at a major medical meeting)Pay attention to what staff members are thinking. Failure to do so may mean others will inadvertently hear about the issue at hand.
Combatting unsolicited advice from your staff
Combatting unsolicited advice from your staffEveryone has an opinion, but are clinic managers prepared to listen to what staff has to say? ponders Dianna Graves.