Ocular Infection

What ARMOR update means for ocular infectionsTailor antibiotic choices for each patient, as resistance remains high, according to the 2015 Antibiotic Resistance Monitoring in Ocular micRoorganisms (ARMOR) update.
Differentiating among mosquito-borne forms of uveitis
Differentiating among mosquito-borne forms of uveitisClinicians should recognize the symptoms of West Nile virus, Dengue fever, and Chikungunya that are spread by mosquitos and can have ocular manifestations.
Addressing challenges of Acanthamoeba keratitisAcanthamoeba keratitis is a vision-threatening disease most frequently seen in contact lens wearers. The disease mimics numerous diseases, and early recognition is needed to achieve optimal visual outcomes.
Prompt attention vital to managing severe corneal infectionsConducting a good history and a careful exam can usually lead clinicians to the right diagnosis and treatment in cases of severe microbial keratitis.
Why infections related to PK require intense vigilanceThe causes of infections associated with penetrating keratoplasty are evolving, but no matter what the etiology, these infections consistently require vigilance and aggressive treatment.
Gauging ganciclovir gel for herpes virus
Gauging ganciclovir gel for herpes virusGanciclovir gel is effective for herpes simplex epithelial keratitis, and emerging evidence shows it also can be used to treat other corneal disease.
Fungal infections after keratoplasty on upswingPost-keratoplasty fungal infections are becoming increasing more common, and the risk is significantly higher after DSEK compared with PK.
Acanthamoeba contact lens danger analysedDespite frequent disregard of contact lens hygiene recommendations and an abundance of Acanthamoeba spp. in local drinking water, contact lens wearers in Madrid, Spain, appear to be avoiding keratitis, researchers say.
Early intervention considered key in diagnosis and treatment of scleritisScleritis can indicate serious systemic disease and requires prompt diagnosis and treatment. Episcleritis also has certain treatment pearls.
Expanded analysis confirms intracameral antibiotic for reducing endophthalmitis
Expanded analysis confirms intracameral antibiotic for reducing endophthalmitisAn updated analysis from cataract surgeons at Kaiser Permanente Northern California again shows the benefit of intracameral antibiotic use for reducing the rate of postoperative endophthalmitis.