What patients are tweeting about their ODs
What patients are tweeting about their ODs
Experiencing retinal detachment as an OD
Experiencing retinal detachment as an ODWhen the retina in my left eye detached in early October 2013, I was on a tour bus, somewhere between Canter’s Deli and Griffith Observatory, in Los Angeles. There was a series of flashes, like warning flares, and then a black tide, an oil slick of a blind spot that started down and to the left and crept toward the center of my vision, arcs of lightning heralding its advance. I knew what was happening, but I didn’t want to believe it.
Why I work on SaturdaysThe discussion of providing Saturday office hours can rile a group of ODs like few other topics. In the non-healthcare world, Saturdays are revered as a day off from the daily grind and a chance to spend time with family and friends.
Is an optometric education cost-effective?
Is an optometric education cost-effective?High-paying careers all require an education, many beyond an undergraduate degree. Yet optometry faces challenges that have the potential to further erode income.
Report says optometrists have ‘surprisingly low’ salariesAccording to a report from Business Insider, optometry tops the list of prestigious professions with surprisingly low pay.
Are there too many optometrists?I’m certain by now we’ve all heard a lot about the recent AOA manpower study from the Lewin group. What the study was not designed to do—and so did not answer—was the burning question we all have: are there too many optometrists?
Unlicensed OD sentenced for fraudulent billingsA court recently sentenced a man who was practicing as an optometrist in Rochester, NY, although he had never passed state licensure exams.
Louisiana will allow ODs to perform certain surgeriesLouisiana Governor Bobby Jindal recently signed into law a bill that will allow optometrists to perform certain surgeries. Louisiana is the third state in the nation to pass such a law.
Develop a culture of mentorship
Turning proI'm obsessed with Steven Pressfield's writings. I've mentioned Do The Work before, and now I want to mention the second book in the series: Turning Pro. It spoke to me. In a short 1-sentence summary, the difference between an amateur and a pro: a pro, through hours and years of practice and training, can block out all the clutter and concentrate on the task at hand.