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Understanding the techniques of eye removal
Understanding the techniques of eye removalThree techniques used for eye removal: evisceration, enucleation, and exenteration. Each procedure has specific indications, and each procedure has its advantages, disadvantages, and complications.
Use social media to market LASIK to millennials
Use social media to market LASIK to millennialsRecently at our laser vision center, we widened the scope of our social media outreach to include millennials who may be interested in finding out more about available refractive eye care options.
Integrated care means integrating the best careHistorically, optometry and ophthalmology have worked in parallel universes with very little room to cross paths. Yet, this model didn’t provide the appropriate care necessary for our aging populace.
5 things you need to know: Urine in pools causes red eyesThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently told Women’s Health magazine that the reason some swimmers get red eyes after a dip in the pool isn’t the chlorine—it’s the urine in the water.
OD calls BS on OMD’s fear mongeringI recently read a blog from a first-year ophthalmology resident talking about how ODs shouldn’t be performing medical treatments. I’ll leave his utter ignorance of his own lack of knowledge aside for just a second and address the responses by my esteemed colleagues Drs. Ernie Bowling and Mohammad Rafieetary. You two are both extremely knowledgeable and way too nice.
OMD resident attacks ODs in blog—ODs respond
Integrating laser cataract surgery
Integrating laser cataract surgeryThe landscape of cataract surgery has changed rapidly—first with premium intraocular lenses (IOLs) and now additional refractive cataract options such as laser-assisted cataract surgery (LACS) and intraoperative aberrometry.
The refractive surgery future for cataract patientsCataract surgery demand is set to grow as an increasing amount of baby boomers retire and enter old age, but the eyecare profession is not ready for the coming demand, says Dr. David Geffen, OD, FAAO.
Letters to the editor: Use optometry resources; In need of VT chartsI am disappointed that Optometry Times would choose to suggest its readers use a pediatric “vision” check list from Bascom Palmer.
Five things that make a great technicianI don’t want good technicians working in our clinic; I want the best technicians working in the clinic. Many people make the assumption that if they pass the JCAHPO, COA, COT, or COMT tests that they are good technicians. That might mean it would also be safe to say that the higher the certification, the better the technician.